DREAM GIRL I know it's like looking for the proverbial needle in a haystack, trying to find your ideal sex contact that will be happy to be part of your deepest darkest sexual fantasies.

You probably think such a woman doesn't actually exist in the real world. You're thinking 'there couldn't possibly be a real woman who thinks about sex like I do, or who wants sex as much as me, a woman who will be turned on by the same kind of sex I want', right? Wrong! Your search has come to an end!

My name is Rachel and I'm the woman who possesses every ideal trait you seek: stunning good looks, perfect body, big breasts, great sense of humour, wild imagination and a smouldering passion.

Am I close to matching to your ideal sex partner?

You may find yourself questioning how it's possible to find your perfect match, both in appearance and sexual preferences. Yet here I am, the woman you have only ever imagined in your dreams and fantasies.

But be careful what you wish for! Because once I take hold of your mind, body, and soul, there is no turning back.

From the minute you message me, our secret sexual adventure may begin.

You may find yourself captivated by my soft, sensual, soothing, and gentle charm or you could find yourself trapped in my naughty grasp.

I promise to play my part to the full in any role play scenario you want. It will be a hypnotic dance of seduction, which will keep you primed and ready for a happy ending. ;-)

You may never know what to expect next with me, and I think the thought of that will excite you - especially when I take hold of your fantasy or fetish and take you on a cock-raising journey, as we weave together through the scenario of your dreams.

Our adventure will be a roller coaster ride of ecstasy, while I take charge with provocative sensuality, describing what I like and how I want you to handle your throbbing cock - I may take you to the edge of release, and then deny you the privilege to cum.

The utter, all-consuming eroticism you experience will have your drooling mouth wanting only one thing - more of me!

Choose me, and I guarantee you complete fulfilment - regardless of your particular fetish or fantasy. I know the prospect of where this may lead could make you breathless with excitement.

Just stop for a moment. Count to ten. Take a deep breath. You have only one option, and all you need to do now is message me. Just a simple 'Hi' will get the ball rolling.

Fun times await you...


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Rachel, 25 from Greater London | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: rachel
Age: 25
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Region: London
County: Greater London
Town / City: Hampstead