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Sex Contact: Safire (Milton Keynes).

Whoopi you found me.

I don't know who you are or what you want (yet), but I'm hoping you like what you see. I'm a mature woman who is super-hot, ultra-sexy and stunningly blonde. ;-)

Oh yes, and I'm fairly tall at 5'10" and that's before I slip a pair of heels on. Hope you don't find my height too much for your size!!!!!

IRL I love sex of all colours and flavours from straightforward vanilla sex to the weird and whacky and kinky fetish of Dom/sub relations. I'm comfortable in either role (Top/bottom) and would describe myself as a genuine switch.

I fantasise about swinging and dogging scenarios and threesomes, both FFM and MMF sex make my juices flow. I know that for some men the ultimate sex fantasy is having sex with two women and what's wrong with that? Absolutely nothing if you ask me.

Sexy underwear/lingerie, mutual masturbation, stockings with heels, french kissing and deep penetration on your wish list?

Yes? Well can I suggest that you get in touch with me and let's go on an exciting adventure. Hopefully you will like me as much as I know I'll like you. If we don't give things a go we will never know what would have happened.

Serious, genuine and respectful is what I hope you are.

I'm discreet and so I expect you to be the same.

Safire xxx

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Safire, 46 from Buckinghamshire | XXX Sex Contacts
Username: safire
Age: 46
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Region: South East
County: Buckinghamshire
Town / City: Milton Keynes