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Username: avalon
Age: 53
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Region: Midlands
County: Staffordshire
Town / City: Stoke-on-Trent



Divorced and unattached lady. Avalon (53) Stoke-on-Trent. Blue eyed blonde, 5'7" tall with firm full breasts (D-cup). Lots of fun and a great smile. Nice mouth and shaved pubic area.

Hello gentlemen, thank you so much for clicking on me (guess I picked the right pic for you!)

Me: I love sexy lingerie and wearing things which show off my stunning body (OK, maybe not stunning, but it's in pretty good shape for my age. But I'll let you decide. If you choose to message me that is, and I hope that you do, please!)

I'm reliably informed that this site is where all the real men hang out so I have high hopes for what may develop here.

I think about sex quite a lot. A massive amount actually and masturbate several times a day. OMG I can't believe I just admitted that to a complete stranger. I must be feeling particularly horny right now. Excuse me while I take a quick finger (or two) break...

... Ah, that was just what I needed! I'm back now babe.

Where was I? Oh yes, writing this ad to attract someone just like you to contact me ;)

You know very little about me and I know absolutely nothing about you. I think we should put the right, what do you say?

If you're here for fun, snap.

I DO NOT want a husband or anyone clingy who will end up wanting more than I'm prepared to give at the moment. Let's take things easy, see how we get on and what happens, happens.

BTW I prefer mature men, real, genuine and no mind-games please.

The ball is with you, do you know what to do with it ;)

Avalon xxx

PS As in the Bryan Ferry song. I love that song.

"I'm so tired
Then I see you coming
Out of nowhere..."

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