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Username: cheryl2
Age: 57
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Region: South East
County: East Sussex
Town / City: Brighton and Hove


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Me: Feisty and fun, I'm usually smiling, vivacious and cooing for cum and the more spunk I get the better. I'm very expressive and am either panting and talking dirty non-stop, or laughing out loud :-)

I'm your ultimate dirty bitch, the one you dream about, the woman who will do all those things most women refuse to do!

Although I was raised to be quite proper and ladylike, I always had an exhibitionistic, nymphomaniac streak, and love to tease which lead me to XXX Sex Contacts.

Turn ons: dirty talk, doggy-styling with a hard cock penetrating deep inside my dripping wet pussy; sloppy oral sex (lick it up), toys, facials, creampies (Oh yes I love them); anal sex, anal play and prostrate massage, sexy lingerie (naturally), having and giving multiple orgasms, edging my man and cum denial - the more times I edge you the better the cum explosion will be, and if I'm feeling in a particular teasing mood, then a ruined cum is my ultimate favourite tease.

Releasing your cock at the very moment you need me to keep going, and watching it contract as it oozes spunk from the tip and runs down the shaft is so wicked. But what happens next is unbelievable - I'll suck you dry babe, I'll suck and swallow every single drop of spunk you can give... hmmmmm can you imagine that? Can you almost feel it now? Would you like that babe? I bet you would ;)

If you like your women mature, experienced, wicked and ultra-sexy then we could be a match!

I will milk you dry and suck every last drop of spunk out of your cock, and then do whatever it takes to get you rock hard again and wank you off for a second and a third and a forth time until you have given me all you have to give. Then and only then will your cock be allowed to shrink back to its flacid state and recover.

Message me and let's see how much spunk we can pump out of those balls of yours shall we?

Eagerly awaiting to hear from you very soon.

Your personal hand-princess, Leonora xxx

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