Do you have a fetish for Black women? You're not alone!


Can a fetish be based on colour or race? Yes, of course it can!.

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It might be helpful for us to define what we mean by fetish

We mean an object, a sexual activity, a particular body type or part of a body whose actual or fantasised occurrence is psychologically required for an individual to reach sexual fulfilment; a fixation to the extent that it may interfere with someone reaching full complete sexual gratificaion.

A fetish can be based on whatever your mind fixates upon, or associates with any knd of sexual fulfilment. And yes, a fetish can absolutely be based on a person's colour or race.

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John's Story: In his own words

"My name is John and for as long as he can remember, images of Black women have always given me the most sexual gratification.

"When I started a new job I knew immediately it wouldn't last, because one of my colleagues was a Black woman, and this would ultimately lead to me wanting a to have a sexual relationship with her. So I left after just two weeks.

"From a very young age, I was sexually aroused by Black women. Probably because my older brother used to watch interracial porn with White men and Black women engaing in sex.

"I'm from a small town in Lincolnshire, where interracial relationships were unusual and not particularly accepted by most of the people around me ahe me. Therefore, watching porn and seeing a White man with a Black woman added another level of excitement, because I saw a Black woman's pussy as beng forbidden fruit.

"I lost my virginity at university, mainly due to peer pressure, but found the only way I could satisfactorily perform sexually was to focus on mental images of Black women. If I didn't, I just couldn't perform.

"The university I attended was in a diverse city where a guy having sex with a Black woman wasn't seen as an issue. I estimate that I had sex with over 40 Black women in the 4 years I was at uni.

"I didn't have a serious relationship with any oftese Black women; for me at least, it was just sex. I only dated White women because I knew that was okay with my family and I had no wish to push that frontier.

"I met my wife, Helen, shortly after leaving university and dated her exclusively for maybe six months or so, but then I started sleeping again with Black women in secret. The problem is with me, in that I still have to focus on images of Black women to perform and even with my wife. It sounds terrible I know and it is.

"The reason I am seeking help is that my wife recently found an extensive collection of porn on my computer, both video and still images, all with Black women. Though she hasn't said, I'm sure she thinks I'm cheating on her and I very much fear she'll want a divorce which I don't want.

*deep breath*

"I'm so worried that our marriage is on the brink of failure, but I can't see a way forward for me. How can I tell my gorgeous wife that I have a Black women fetish and can only orgasm with her by thinking about having sex with a Black woman?"

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Black Women

"I consider Black women to be extremely good-looking and their natural self-assurance only sweetens the deal. Also, Black women (or Ebony women) tend to have curvy bodies that can't be rivalled." Colin, Bristol

"I love a woman who can move her body on the dance floor, and Black women have great rhythum and come up trumps here. My attraction to Black women has grown stronger over the years to the extent that I only go with Black women now.

"I no longer have any interest in other women these days." Ryan, Portsmouth

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